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General Manager Back to top 
  • A Development of quality policy, objectives approved;
  • BApproving quality manual and key quality plan;
  • CAppointment of the management representative and configure a variety of resources, preside over the management review;
  • D Responsible for the establishment of various channels of communication with the customer and the enterprise;
  • EResponsible for the approval of the qualified supplier and procurement plans.
Management Representative Back to top 
  • AResponsible for the preparation of the management system documents, approval of manage documents and external documents;
  • BResponsible for the preparation of the internal audit plan for the year, and the appointment of the audit team leader and internal arbitration;
  • CTo ensure that the process required by the quality management system is established implemented and maintained;
  • DReport on the performance of the quality management system and any improvements to the general manager;
  • Eto ensure the improvement of awareness of customer requirements in the whole factory;
  • FExternal liaison on matters relating to the quality management system.
Quality and technology department Back to top 
  • AResponsible for the preparation of technical documents
  • BParticipate in a special contract review and evaluation of important supply-side;
  • CResponsible for the application of statistical techniques;
  • DResponsible for the planning of product realization;
  • EResponsible for development of corrective and preventive measures;
  • FResponsible for the inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and the control of non-conforming product
  • GResponsible for identity management of the inspection and test status;
  • HResponsible for the quality record identification, collection, cataloging, archiving,and storage;
  • IResponsible for the inspection and test equipment calibration and weekly inspection;
  • JResponsible for the technical documents drawings collection.
Production / Warehouse Back to top 
  • AAuspices of the evaluation, approval and management of the supply-side;
  • BResponsible for the preparation of procurement plans and inspection of purchased products;
  • CResponsible for the arrangement of production planning, organization and deployment of workers;
  • DResponsible for the maintenance of production equipment, production equipment checks; responsible for confirmation of the production process and service;
  • ECheck the record on special key process parameters; responsible for confirmation of the production and service process;
  • FResponsible for the management of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products, and also for fire prevention, moisture-proof, anti-theft, and ventilation of the warehouse.
  • GResponsible for the identification of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, to prevent confusion
  • HResponsible for the requisition and accounting of the warehouse, so that account, the card and material consistent.
  • ICorporate with the sales department on the factory materials and product handling, protection work,, do a good job of product identification and traceability;
Office Back to top 
  • AResponsible for the drafting of the management documents, system files and file distribution and other management work;
  • BResponsible for the formulation of the training program, organized relevant departments on staff training and assessment;
  • CConference record, finishing archive.
R & D center Back to top 
  • AIn accordance with the development strategy of the company in the coming year, making the company R & D planning, including products choosing and investment;
  • BIn accordance with the development strategy of the company, making the strategic planning in the next 3-5 years, including products choosing and investment;
  • C Organization and implementation of research and development planning;
  • DThe development of R & D specification, implementation and optimization of R & D management system;
  • EFormation of the company's technology platform, the assessment of investment in R & D platform;
  • FDepartment team building, job definition, the requirements of the job responsibilities, staff appraisal, resource scheduling;
  • GAssess the technical feasibility of the product research and development;
  • HFormulate development budget and development plan on new product and organize the implementation;
  • IMonitor implementation process of each R & D project;
  • JOrganize identification and assessment of R & D results;