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Electric/ Pneumatic Distribution Valve
Model Number:
Material Quality:

Product  application

Electric/Pneumatic distribution valve is applied to control the powder material’s flow direction by adjusting the valve plate position inside the valve, which is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, light industry, food and so on, and it is the ideal equipment for direction change during transmission system for solid grains and powder materials.

The electric/ pneumatic distribution valve is mainly controlled by electric/ pneumatic actuator, with input 4 ~ 20mA electrical signal for operation on adjusting type electric/ pneumatic actuator, and switch signal input for operation on switch type electric/ pneumatic actuator.

Structural features
The Distribution valve uses quality steel plate welded structure, with a small size, light weight, small resistance, and using French BERNAED electric/ pneumatic actuator driver which can remotely control the flow of materials.

Fore more information,please click and download the instruction:

Distribution Valve Instruction

Switching Mode Electric Pneumatic Distribution Valve Instruction