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Pneumatic Flow Control Valve
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PFV series pneumatic flow control valve (that is, Dual function pneumatic flow control valve) is the special discharging equipment which avails of the most advanced oversea technology for both raw meal silos and cement silos; particularly is the best replacement of similar import equipment in sealing and discharge linear. It has a good efficiency contrast to similar imported products in the 1000t/d, 2500 t/d and 5000 t/d cement production line. Pneumatic flow control valve opens quickly through the driving force of the rotary cylinder. The automatic adjustment of the opening size is realized by the control signal through Siemens positioner. It mainly plays a role of flow control switch mainly in powder, grain materials, small particle transmission flow control system; it is used normally with manual cut-off valve together(that is, manual gate valve). PFV series pneumatic flow control valve is equipped with rotary cylinder, Siemens positioner as its control drive device so that to realize quick opening and closing of the valve, which is ideal equipment for flow regulation.Fore more information,please click and download the instruction:Pneumatic Flow Control Valve Instruction